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Protecting Your Assets

Regular Training to security personnel is one of the prime and essential requirements. Our training to security personnel includes training of various security aspects as to impart knowledge of physical security and methods to protect property, personnel, facilities and prevent unauthorized entry, trespass, damage, sabotage, other illegal activities, criminal acts. Mentioned below are some of our training features :-

  • PHYSICAL TRAINING Marching, saluting, and maintaining body posture and body language
  • PROCEDURAL PHYSICAL SECURITY Prevention and control of access, material transaction, key management, control and parking of vehicles, incident /occurrence reports, fire prevention, protection and fighting. and documentation
  • SAFETY Monitoring housekeeping activities, first aid, identification of hazards, safe storage of hazardous materials. Preventive measures to avoid accidents/damage to property in case of adverse situations.
  •  TRAINING ON IT SECURITY AND ELECTRONIC MEDIA Control and access.( laptops,dvds,ipods,cameras and camera mobiles.
  • BOMB THREAT & PHYSICAL SECURITY Training pertaining to preventive measures to deal with BOMB THREATS and terror activities, Rumors and exterior security measures.
  • VIGILANCE ACTIVITIES Patrolling and reporting suspicious activities.
  • CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATION AND CALL SIGNS Use of walkie - talkie and emergency operations.
  • DISASTER MANAGEMENT AND EMERGENCY EVACUATION Training related to natural calamities/emergencies, accidents and actions to be taken during such disasters/emergencies. Formulation and Activities of emergency reaction team (ERT). Evacuation and Mock drill in the case of disaster management.
  • ON JOB TRAINING We prepare SOP in consultation with principle employer and impart OJT at Company premises. Brief knowledge of statutory compliance and welfare measures

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